Windows on Wycombe in Lockdown

A Digital Community Exhibition

Together with the rest of the UK, Wycombe Museum went into lockdown on 23 March due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Museum staff worked from home to begin with, then most were furloughed. Keeping in touch with our volunteers, one of them suggested we do an exhibition of local experiences of lockdown. This became possible with funding from Arts Council England, and we appealed for photos of lockdown through social media.

We hope that you enjoy looking through our Windows on Wycombe in Lockdown. Click here or on the image above to view the exhibition.


Made in High Wycombe: Furniture

A Pop Up Exhibition in Eden Centre, High Wycombe

Made in High Wycombe: Furniture is a pop-up exhibition open in High Wycombe’s Eden Centre while Wycombe Museum’s Priory Road site galleries are unable to be safely opened to the public.

This exhibition displays a selection of mid-century furniture, made in High Wycombe, aiming to keep the town connected with it’s local heritage while many cultural buildings – Wycombe Museum included – remain closed to the public.

The exhibition is also accompanied by a small selection of items available in Wyccobe Museum’s shop including local history information pamphlets, crockery, soft toys, stationery and more.

Click here or on  the image above for more and visit information.

A History of Wycombe in 10 Objects

Permanent Displays

Walk through a history of Wycombe with our permanent exhibition. Our galleries tell the story of Wycombe District through 10 key objects from a Prehistoric hand axe to a Modern Wycombe Wanderers rosette. Each of the 10 key objects tells us about a part of Wycombe’s history, but there are more than 10 things to see! From thousands of objects in the Museum’s collection, we have chosen a selection that connects to and supports these key objects. Many of the connections are between objects from different points in history and some of the relationships might be unexpected or surprising! Objects can tell us about the past, but we are also free to make our own meanings from the Museum displays. The objects have been selected to include objects that are surprising, important, beautiful, quirky, wonderful, and the everyday. Come and see our History of Wycombe in 10 Objects, and the many stories they all tell. .

Women of Wycombe: 1940s

Open until mid-June 2020


This exhibition came about because of some time spent sorting through our collection stores. When going through our collection, we found lots of fantastic items that are not being seen by our visitors. We chose to showcase the 1940s after finding a box of women’s clothing that we absolutely loved and thought deserved to be in the spotlight.

From the start of World War 2 there were huge changes to women’s working lives. They were no longer only working in the home, but were also doing war work, such as joining the armed services, working on the land, in factories or in transport. This exhibition gives a taste of those women’s lives.


Beer, Bacon Badgers and Bhajis

Local foods through history and today

Permanent Displays

This exhibition celebrates everything edible and delicious in Wycombe District from Prehistory to the present day. Find out which foods are grown and produced in the area, how table manners have changed throughout history, and all about local specialities such as Bucks bacon badgers and lardy cakes. Lots of hands-on activities for all!